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Sunday, February 26, 2012

SuperLoiiiikkeee...!! d(^_^)b


Last nite u'olls..I watch Hip TV at Channel 9..and at the end of the show they put this video clip which I know very well lah kan this song..
Its "Sesaat Kau Datang - Ramlah Ram ft Sleeq"..before this I never watch the official video clip one..then after I watch, I was like..w0w! I Loikeee!!! (very the gatal bunyinye)

I said.."o0MiGoshH" the groom in the video clip, the dress, the place, the decoration, the bride & groom, the bridesmaids (superchomels), the scenery, the groom, the sleeq's...(saje nak mention groom tu manyak kali sebab ensem!) was just AWESOME..!! to tell u..I very the heart this video clip..the dress is by Yasalma collection and no wonder la it is superbb! both heroin in clip are also beautiful themselves! 

So, I sudden - sudden (tiba-tiba)  planning on my dream wedding to do like this one..but..if my budget is enough la..if don't..u guys don't ever mention about this hokeyyy!


when la I'm going to get married??

p/s:  sorry about the stomach is so full of nasi minyak + kambing..till now I still penin2..
"mak penin makan kambin"

till then!

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